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Every appliance repair seems like a major challenge, but our Buena Park washer repair pros are inspired to prevent that.

Our team of highly trained and professionally licensed washer repair technicians have amassed a huge list of happy clients in the Buena Park CA community. This ranges from commercial to residential clients, with some commercial washer repair jobs extending to apartment buildings and laundromats.

We have worked on all types of washing machines new and old, including those from brand names like LG, GE, Samsung, and Viking, among many others. Older models can cost a bit more to repair, but this is mostly due to the higher cost of parts. However, many newer models of have computer boards that are also expensive to replace. You might be surprised just how affordable some repairs on older appliances really are, although you must always make sure repairing makes more sense than replacing new.

If you think your model is rarer and the washer parts might be too expensive to switch out, then give us a ring and we will get a better idea for you. Any washer repair in Buena Park CA through one of our technicians will be billed based on the real washer parts costs, which is determined based on what we have to cough up to get the washer parts in Buena Park CA to complete your repair.

Anyone in need of a washer repair in Buena Park CA can kickstart the process by calling us and explaining what seems to be wrong. Without a doubt, you will be incredibly happy to have turned to our Buena Park washer repair professionals for your appliance repair needs. Even better, if it’s your first time with us you will get $10 off your repair.

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The rotor position sensor in your washing machine is sort of like the appliance’s security surveillance system. It watches out for any problems that show up and sends off an alarm right away. The biggest effect of the hall sensor is being able to detect when the motor should start up and shut off during a load. If your washing machine’s hall sensor gives out, it could cause many problems like a non-starting machine, improper fill levels, and even sporadic shaking back-and-forth. If you are unable to do the repair yourself, get the sensor replaced by an insured professional.

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